A. Physician Group Formation. Our firm specializes in assisting physicians in forming new practices whether the group consists of one owner or one hundred. We are experts in advising in the correct choice of entity and in providing all of the documents necessary to launch a new business enterprise, including,
  • Advice regarding choice of entity
  • Assistance in preparation of the basic corporate documents; articles, bylaws, buy/sell agreements and employment agreements
  • Assistance in obtaining all necessary permits including fictitious name, provider number, employee ID number and business licenses
B. Mergers, Sales and Dissolutions. Our firm specializes in assisting physicians who are considering or involved in a merger, sale, dissolution or other form of business reorganization. We have provided advice in many diverse situations, including mergers involving independent specialty practices, sales of physicians entering practice and retiring from practice. We also assist physicians in dissolving their practices whether such is the result of a business reorganization or insolvency planning. Such transactions often involve the interplay of a complex spectrum of special regulatory laws, some of which may conflict, including antitrust, Stark II and fraud and abuse laws.

C. Joint Ventures. Joint venturing is often a key to sustaining a viable economic base. We specialize in joint ventures involving different physician groups, physicians and hospitals and physician groups and other business entities including vendors of all types. Such transactions generally require not only a solid knowledge of traditional business and tax laws but also a sophisticated knowledge of the regulatory laws and statutes in the areas of Stark II and fraud and abuse. We have that knowledge base.

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